Dr Earle Scott Sharam


Brother Earle Sharam is a native Edmontonian, who has lived all but six years of his life in the neighbourhood in which he grew up.

He is married to Karen — a native of Prince Edward Island — and they have two sons, Charles and Jared, now 18 and 13 years old respectively.

RWBro Earle Sharam, DDGM Athabasca District, 2008–09

RWBro Earle Sharam at his Investiture as DDGM of Athabasca District, June 2008. He is the current Chaplain of the Masonic Spring Workshop and twice has served as Grand Chaplain of The Grand Lodge of Alberta. On the green ribbon is his Medal as Chaplain of The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem


Bro Sharam was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Dominion Lodge No. 117, AF&AM GRA in 1996, served as Worshipful Master in 2002 and is currently Organist. He is also a Charter Member of Far North Lodge No. 199, AF&AM GRA, in Inuvik, and a member of the Correspondence Circle of Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research No. 2076 (EC). He was appointed Grand Chaplain of The Grand Lodge of Alberta in 1999–2000 and again in 2001–02; and is currently DDGM for Athabasca District (2008–09).

He took his BA degree at The University of Alberta, followed by the degrees of Master of Theological Studies at St Stephen’s College, and Master of Arts at San Francisco Theological Seminary. He resided in England for several years, studying at The University of Oxford, where he was admitted in 1996 to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In 1996, he was appointed to the Faculty of St Stephen’s College, a graduate school of The United Church of Canada on The University of Alberta campus, where he has been Academic Dean since 1997 and is now, in addition, Acting Principal.

Bro Sharam is a Lay Minister of The United Church of Canada, and has served the small village church in Waskatenau Alberta since 1982, where he is also the Chaplain of the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and of the local historical society, The Victoria Home Guard. Since September 2003, he has also served as Minister at Smoky Lake United Church.

He takes considerable pleasure in following in the footsteps of his friend and colleague MWBro Jim Roberts as Chaplain to the Masonic Spring Workshop!

Bro Sharam is a member — and in 2006 was elected First Principal “Z” — of North Star Chapter No 2 of Royal Arch Masons. He was appointed Grand Chaplain of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta for 2005–06, 2007–08, and 2008–09; and received the Order of High Priesthood in 2006.

In other Concordant Bodies, he is a member of: Zohar Council No 4, Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada R&SM and Alberta Lodge No 2 of the Royal Ark Mariners; Edmonton Preceptory No 46, Knights Templar; Alberta Rose York Rite College No 52; Taylor Conclave No 5, Red Cross of Constantine; Northern Lights Tabernacle No 130, HRAKTP; and the Scottish Rite bodies in the Valley of Edmonton, in which he serves as Prelate of Mizpah Chapter Rose Croix.

Bro Sharam also takes particular pleasure and pride in holding the rank of Chaplain in The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem — an ancient order of Christian chivalry dedicated to ecumenism, the alleviation of the suffering of persons with leprosy, and care for the aged, sick and needy — and he participates regularly in the activities of the Edmonton Commandery of the Order.



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